Accelerating the movement to renewable energy and empowering renters, homeowners, and businesses with advanced controls, automated savings, and power failure protection.

We believe combating and reducing climate change is a necessity for future generations as well as our health and spirit. Our CO-Z products and services are specifically designed to reduce global warming. They accelerate the transition to power generation from cleaner, renewable sources and empower homeowners, renters, and small businesses to reduce and optimize the energy they use.

Transition to Renewable Power

Provides utilities with distributed energy resources that they can call on to reduce their reliance on carbon-based power generation.

Community Impact

It’s time that everyone is safe, prepared to weather any storm, and given key information that helps all of us participate in a cleaner planet. The more app downloads, the faster we can ensure energy reliability and resilience.

Product Features Everyone Can Access

Power Insights

Informs customers so that they can optimize their power usage to reduce their cost or shift their usage to times when the power is generated from cleaner sources.

Power Protection

Alerts customers to possible outages, offers actions to mitigate, and provides them backup power when there is an outage.

Consumer Actions

Encourages customers to act to optimize their power usage through rewards and insights into community efforts.

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